Is It Worth Getting A Black Box?

It is more than likely that ever if you are yet to pass your practical test, you have heard timelessly about the idea of installing a black box. Many drivers often come to the conclusion that they have no other option but to opt for an insurance policy that includes a telematics system. Similar to…

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Top Tips For A Long Lasting First Car

Whether the learning to drive process was a long journey, or you took an intensive course to pass quickly, the thought of finally gaining independence and purchasing your first car is exciting. Some drivers opt for a new vehicle and others decide to pick up a second-hand car. Either way, it is vital to keep…

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Tips To Calm Nerves Before Taking Your Driving Test

The thrill of passing your practical driving test is a feeling that everyone looks forward to, however along with excitement tends to be overwhelming nerves. You may be one of the lucky ones who are able to clear your mind easily and keep calm no matter the situation, but if not and you’re feeling worried…

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Top Driving Confidence Tips

Driving is a skill that is entirely different to anything you would have been faced with in the past, for most people it is way out of their comfort zone. Everyone loves to discuss the many opportunities and the huge increase of independence you will gain once you pass, but when the time comes, confidence…

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Dyspraxia and Driving

Dyspraxia is a developmental coordination disorder that affects several different aspects of the brain, making practical learning tasks a little more difficult. Around 6 to 10 percent of the population suffer from Dyspraxia, but the issue is that in many cases it is a hidden disability, many people live with the disorder with no diagnosis….

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Welcome to Drive247 Luton

From us all here, welcome to the Drive247 Luton website. We cover a number of locations in Bedfordshire and specifically in Luton. We specialise in driving lessons Luton and look to provide new students with cost effective driving solutions to help them gain their licence quicker. Some Driving Packages We Provide Driving Lessons in Luton…

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