Is It Worth Getting A Black Box?

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It is more than likely that ever if you are yet to pass your practical test, you have heard timelessly about the idea of installing a black box. Many drivers often come to the conclusion that they have no other option but to opt for an insurance policy that includes a telematics system. Similar to anything, there a whole host of different advantages and disadvantages that come alongside getting a back box. So here we are going to discuss the question, is it worth getting a black box?

Is It Worth Getting A Black Box? The Advantages and Disadvantages

A black box is also known as telematics, which in simple terms means a form of technology that can track and capture information, in this case, monitoring your driving ability. Aspects such as how smooth you brake and your ability to stay within the speed guidelines are just some of the skills recorded. After each journey, you will be awarded a driving score based on your performance.

So, if you’re unsure whether to opt for an insurance quote that includes a black box, our guide including the advantages and disadvantages should contribute to your decision.

Advantages Of A Black Box

Passing your driving test and gaining independence is an exciting time, but unfortunately, you must come to terms with the fact that it is more than likely that you are going to be faced with an unfair insurance fee. Unless you get very lucky and undercover a one-off cheap policy, you will be paying an above average cost to be insured on your vehicle. Although even with reductions your insurance will still be relatively high, there are many ways in which you can slowly start to knock off a few pounds; the main way is through a black box. Insurance companies up prices as they claim that new drivers are more liable for an accident. However, if you have a black box that records your driving, you are more likely to be wary of the way you drive because you know that you are being tracked, therefore lower insurance.

A black box is fitted with a GPS tracker, which although at first seems a little like an invasion of privacy, it does come alongside many huge benefits. If you are in an emergency and need to locate your exact destination to inform either family members, friends or emergency services, the app that allows you to track your driving score will show you your exact location. This is also beneficial if in the worst case scenario, your car is stolen. The police can track down where the culprit is and can get to them quickly.

As mentioned previously, your black box will provide you with a driving score for each journey, taking into account every aspect of your driving skills. Your speed is one of the main points tracked, which you can use to your advantage if another driver ever tries to claim against you. For example, if they contact their insurance policy after a minor incident and state that you were speeding and were the main cause of an accident, you can prove using your app that you were within the speed limit.

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If due to work or family commitments, you will be required to travel long distance regularly, then a black box may not work to your advantage. When initially setting up your insurance, you must state the exact amount mileage you plan to cover over the year. Although you can buy more if you run out, it will come at a huge fee. Insurance companies are clever; they know that if you are desperate for additional miles and are solely reliant on your car, you will cave in and pay the extra fees for added miles. This means that they up the prices dramatically and some companies even charge up to £200 for just 1,000 extra miles.

Insurance companies entice you into taking out a policy with them through offering a whole host of potential awards and cash back if you maintain a high score throughout your year with them. But what many drivers do not know is that although it would be fantastic to be rewarded for safe driving, you are not guaranteed to get anything. The majority of companies only hand out rewards at the end of the year, and most of the time it is only a discounted renewal premium, only if you stay with them.

Although curfews have become less common regarding insurance policies in recent years, many policies do still include a strict driving curfew. The cheapest insurance policies usually mean that you will be restricted to the time of the day you can drive, Studies show that the likelihood of a serious accident increases late at night and the early hours of the morning. This means that many premiums limit you from driving between 11 pm and 6 am. Different insurance providers work in different ways, some will charge you extra for driving within these hours and others will give you a low driving score, even if your driving was no different to during the day.

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Although there are a few annoying disadvantages, as a whole the benefits of installing a black box do overweight the drawbacks. Many of the disadvantages are indefinite and do not affect all drivers, whereas the pros are beneficial to every new driver. Some of the most popular and reasonably priced insurance companies include Admiral, Churchill and Aviva. For more companies ideas, take a look at this useful article on the 9 best black box insurance providers.

If you are approaching your driving test and want some advice on how to choose an insurance premium that will provide you with the relevant cover required without forking out a fortune, chat with your driving instructor. Many of our driving instructors in Luton have commented on the amount of panicked new drivers who worry about how they are going to keep up with the ever increasing policy prices. Ask around and see if anyone has any useful guidance.

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