The Most Common Driving Offences In The UK

Many newly passed drivers forget that just because they are less experienced than others and are bound to experience scenarios they have never been faced with before, it doesn’t mean that they can bend the law and get away with different offences. Now, more than ever, authorities, police officers and your local council are keeping…

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When Can You Use A Bus Lane?

When taking driving lessons, there are many different fundamental skills you are taught, from how to take on different situations you may experience on the roads to how to avoid breaking the law. Unfortunately, as the majority of lessons are only around 2 hours maximum, there will be pieces of driving knowledge you’re likely to…

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Is It Worth Getting A Black Box?

It is more than likely that ever if you are yet to pass your practical test, you have heard timelessly about the idea of installing a black box. Many drivers often come to the conclusion that they have no other option but to opt for an insurance policy that includes a telematics system. Similar to…

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