10 Must Have Car Gadgets

Unless you’re lucky enough to be gifted your first car or have enough money to splash out on a more modern model, it’s unlikely that your first car is going to be filled with the latest technology. The majority of new drivers opt for a simple, reliable and small vehicle that can get them from…

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Summer Driving Tips

As the summer finally approaches, most of us are less inclined to drive to our destination and will instead opt to take a stroll enjoying the warmer weather. However, unfortunately, if you work far from home or are planning a road trip to the beach, walking becomes unrealistic, and you have no other choice but…

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Importance of an MOT and Service for new drivers

As a new driver, one of your main priorities is going to be to make sure you know all about why your car needs regular maintenance. As part of owning a vehicle you want to keep your pride and joy on the road and as safe as possible. It’s vital you stay on top of…

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Top Tips For A Long Lasting First Car

Whether the learning to drive process was a long journey, or you took an intensive course to pass quickly, the thought of finally gaining independence and purchasing your first car is exciting. Some drivers opt for a new vehicle and others decide to pick up a second-hand car. Either way, it is vital to keep…

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