Fast Pass Courses and Early Tests

Fast Pass Courses

Everyone’s perception of a fast pass course is different. Some people see a fast pass in 4 weeks as very fast and others need it sorted quicker. The beauty for you is that, at Drive 247, we cater for all requirements. You tell us what you need and we will provide an instructor that can cater for your needs.


It’s disgraceful we know, but many online intensive course companies are willing to take your money and they don’t have an actual instructor to cover your course. So what they do is put your booking details/requirements on Facebook groups etc. and instructors can apply for the work.

Basically, they are flogging your hard earned cash to random instructors they may not even know.

We won’t do that to you! All of our instructors are vetted Drive 247 instructors and work for us only.

What to do if you want a fast pass course

Call us up now! You can reach us at 0845 241 2884 or send an email to [email protected].

If you want to pass in 1 week, we should be able to help you (subject to availability – we won’t take your money and flog your course to anybody, see above).

If you want to pass in 3-4 weeks or 2 months we can definitely help you (a little bit of notice always helps).

Early Tests

Are you in a rush to get your licence and need a driving test sooner rather than later?

Just let us know when booking in and one of our booking co-ordinators will happily look for an earlier test on your behalf.
We have a cancellation checker that notifies us when an earlier test has become available.

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