What do you do on your first driving lesson?

If you’re thinking about starting your driving lessons in Luton, it can be useful to know what happens on your first driving lesson, so that you’re not going into it feeling nervous and unprepared. We want you to feel confident and ready for your first driving lesson, so we have put together a general guide detailing what typically happens on your first driving lesson.

boy holding learner plates in car

What to expect on your first driving lesson

Having an idea of what to expect on your first driving lesson can provide some reassurance and help to settle any fears you may have. Many of your family and friends will have already passed their driving tests and may be able to give you some idea of what happens during the first lesson (if they can remember). However, not every learner has the same experience on their first lesson as some may be more experienced than others or have different needs and requirements.

Provisional licence and eyesight check

First things first, before the lesson can properly begin your instructor will need to get the legalities out of the way. Your instructor will need to see your provisional licence and perform a simple eyesight test. Please remember to bring your provisional driving licence with you to your first test – your test will not be able to commence without it!

Your instructor will ask you to read a number plate from a vehicle approximately 20 meters away. If you usually wear glasses or contacts, remember to use them for your lesson.

parked cars on street

Quick chat/get to know

Before driving anywhere, your instructor will ask you some questions about what you’re hoping to get from your lessons and whether you have any past experience with driving. This is also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have or address any concerns.

Drive to a suitable place

Your instructor will then drive to a suitable place to begin your driving licence in; this will usually be a quiet residential street or industrial estate. These types of roads are perfect for learners to get used to stopping and starting the vehicle and getting familiar with the car. While driving, your instructor will be talking through what they are doing, such as changing gears, pedals and mirror checks.

Time for your first bit of driving!

It’s now time for your first bit of driving; your instructor will swap places with you so that you’re in the driver’s seat. You will then go through the controls and show you how to adjust the seat and interior/exterior mirrors. You want to be 100% confident with the controls before you start moving, this can take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes.

hands on steering wheel

Moving off and stopping

During your first lesson you will learn how to move off and stop the car, eventually moving up the 2nd and 3rd gear. Moving off and stopping will help you learn clutch control and get a feel for the cars biting point. You may stall the vehicle a few times but don’t worry; this is completely normal, and all part of the learning process. You will practice moving off and stopping on a long stretch of road with very few cars on.

End of the lesson

Your instructor will then drive you to wherever you would like to be dropped off in the local area; it’s unlikely you’ll be ready to face main roads yet which is why the instructor will drive you back.

You will then receive some feedback from your instructor, and they may be able to tell you how many hours they think you need. They will also book you in for your next lesson, so you have something to look forward to!

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