Top Driving Confidence Tips

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Driving is a skill that is entirely different to anything you would have been faced with in the past, for most people it is way out of their comfort zone. Everyone loves to discuss the many opportunities and the huge increase of independence you will gain once you pass, but when the time comes, confidence issues are more common than you would expect. Driving can be a stressful task for both learners and fully licensed drivers, so here are our top driving confidence tips.

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Driving Confidence Tips

Some people are fortunate, and driving becomes second nature to them, they pick the skills up very quickly and never suffer from nerves, but for many others, this isn’t as much the case. Anxiety about driving doesn’t necessarily stop when you pass, sometimes the thought of driving alone with the full responsibility of a vehicle can be even more worrying. Whether you are starting driving lessons, already a learner or have passed your test, it is understandable to be a little nervous about driving, so we have come up with some simple tips to boost confidence.

Invest In A “P” Plate

The first tip is mainly aimed at those who have recently passed their test but is also helpful advice for those approaching their test. Once passed, you do not have to display a P plate on your car, but is a great way to ease yourself into the driving life. People who see a P plate will instantly know that you haven’t had much experience and things could take you a little longer, making them more understanding and patient. You will be less likely to experience people sound their horn or get aggravated which could cause you to panic because they know that you are likely to be driving in unknown territory in a car that you are not used to. It gives you more time to concentrate on driving and gaining confidence driving without an instructor. The great thing about a P plate is that there is no set time that you are restricted to displaying one, you can keep it on as long as it takes for you to feel confident.

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Never Put Off Driving

In some weather conditions, it is tempting to put off driving because, in situations such as rain, snow or ice, it is harder to drive. It will take the weather to get pretty bad for your driving instructor to cancel your lesson which means that at some point you’ll experience driving in harder conditions. Taking care while driving is vital, but even more so when the weather causes slippery surfaces or decreased vision. The more you drive in bad weather, the more confident you will become, and it will start not to worry you as much. One of the worst mistakes to make it is continuously put off driving because unfortunately, at some point you will be faced with no other choice. If you want to find out some more information on how to drive in all weather conditions, take a look at this useful article.

Stay Composed

As hard as it can be in some situations, the key to confident driving is to stay composed and calm. It is known that issues occur when you start to panic because you do not think straight and the issue increases more and more. Having the ability to stay relaxed and deal with each situations step by step will help to resolve issues a lot quicker and simpler. It would be a lie to say everyone you meet on the road is going to be nice, people will get annoyed and sound their horn, overtake you or try to make you feel intimidated but the best thing to remember is that you will probably never see these people again. Focus on being a good driver, ignore them and carry on driving.

Take Things At Your Own Speed

No one knows you as well as you know yourself, which means only you can determine when is the best time for you to do things. If you feel as if you need to take a couple of extra lesson before your test to feel confident enough, book them and postpone your test. If it takes you a couple of attempts to park in that particular parking space, take your time until you have perfected it. The second that things become rushed and you let others decide, the second that you start to worry and stress out. Only do things when the timing is right for you and you feel comfortable.

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Never Stop Practicing

Similarly to most other skills, you can never have too much practice. The more you drive and practice manoeuvres, the better you will become meaning your confidence will grow. If you are in a driving lesson and you have found something a little trickier, ask your instructor to give it another go. Or if you have passed and are finding it hard to drive smoothly in your car without stalling, go for a drive in the evening when it is quiet and practice finding the bite point.

Talk To Others

The great thing about driving is that everyone learns and adapts differently. The concept of how to operate the car will be the same, but each driver has their own tricks which allow them to drive confidently. While talking to another driver, you may realise that you both struggle with the same aspects, can they give you any advice on how they overcome the issue?


Confidence is so important when driving and the more comfortable you feel, the more you will start to enjoy it. The key to dealing with driving nerves is always to take your time and stay calm, the more positive you think, the more you will see yourself excelling. There will be no pressure to become a fantastic driver as soon as you start to take driving lessons in Luton or as soon as you pass, everyone learns at different rates.

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